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1. Spotlight - Data driven decision making

Exited the business: Upon leaving the company, ‘Exited the Business’ will compile ratings from all departed employees from each survey interaction they’ve had with your organization.

Future Leaders: Identify potential future leaders among your employees by tagging their profiles in the People & Skills Finder. Gauge the sentiment of this group by clicking on their respective tiles and comparing their scores to the company-wide average.

Critical Roles: Identify key positions in employees’ profiles within the People & Skills Finder. Assess the sentiment of this specific group of responders by selecting the corresponding tiles. You can know compare their scores with the company-wide average.


2. Heatmap demographics & tile colours and numbers

Demographics will only show if there is data available, for example if the location ‘NSW’ has no data to show, this demographic will not appear although it does exist.

Each tile in the heatmap is used to display the score difference relative to the overall company average score. This is visible at the top of the heatmap. This is represented using the colors green and red, as well as plus (+) or minus (-) signs to indicate whether a score is higher or lower than the overall company average.

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3. Heatmap tile: Deepdive & question scoring

Each tile will reveal most positive questions and growth opportunities for that pillar, among that group of responders, when the tile is clicked. The question % are the scores attained for each question. example, if 10 members score a question 5 the score will be 100%, if 10 members score a question 4 the score will be 80%.

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When you click on a question % score further question analytics will appear detailing the total number of responses and the breakdown of these responses in positive (scored 4 or 5) neutral (scored 3) and negative (scored 1 or 2).

To safeguard anonymity, if fewer than three individuals respond within a particular group, Prosper EX will conceal most positive questions and growth opportunities.

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In cases where no growth opportunity is identified in a tile with more than three responses, it signifies that no one from this group provided negative feedback in relation to this pillar during the survey. Similarly, in instances where no positive questions are discerned within a tile with over three responses, it implies that no one from this group responded positively to any questions related to this pillar in the survey.


4. Heatmap tile: Scoring

The positive or negative values in each heatmap tile are directly related to the overall company average scores on the top line. For example in the image below the Exited the business tile in line with Engagement is -13. This is -13 compared to the overall average of 78%, so this tile represents a score of 65%.

When a score is equivalent to the overall average, tiles will appear grey (0).

Group 5

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