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How City Venue Management reduced turnover by 24% with Prosper EX


At a glance

  • Leading Australian Leisure & Hospitality Brand
  • 50+ Venues
  • Highly casualized Workforce
  • 1500+ Employees
  • Fast growing organisation.

About City Venue Management

CVM are a large Leisure and Hospitality Group with over 50 locations across Australia. CVM continue to grow year on year and have expanded into other brands including Restaurants and Gyms. Due to the nature of their business they have a highly casualized workforce, with a mix, of permanent, full time and casual, part time team members. As an industry leader in Aquatic & Sporting Facility Management, City Venue Management is intimately aware of the environment in which they operate. Creating win/win solutions for all stakeholders presents a complex challenge yet is the cornerstone of their partnership-based approach. As a private business with an eye on sustainable earnings, they are mindful of ensuring their strategy aligns with the community benefits we provide as well as the value equation for property owners.


  • Better connect with our venues to drive engagement and performance across the

  • Gain deeper insights into what is happening on the ground to build our people strategy based on real life data.

  • Run consistent and effective performance review cadences across our workforce and enable people leaders to develop their teams.

  • Understand the reasons why our people are leave us to better build strategies to improve staff retention.

  • Implement easy to use technology to support our management team wherever they are located in Australia.
nicky sloan

“We invest significant time and
money into hiring and training our
people. Once they are on board,
we want to keep them”

Nicky SloanChief People Officer


We chose Prosper EX as our Employee Engagement provider due to their capability to deliver an easy to use solution that helps us deliver and manage our people strategy in one place. Implementation was simple and the integration with our HRIS platform make the ongoing process seamless. We now manage all of our people performance strategy through the Prosper EX platform globally. This includes Performance Reviews, our Individual Development Plans (IDP), our employee listening cadence, including Annual Engagement Survey, Onboarding & Exit and eNPS. The Customer Success Support has really enabled us to deliver on our goals over the last financial year.

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