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User Guide: How to Manually Map Managers in the People & Skills Finder


How to Manually Map Your Managers in Prosper EX

  1. Navigate to People & Skills Finder from your Management Dashboard
  2. Search for your manager’s profile within the People & Skills Finder
  3. Click to View full profile
  4. Edit Member
  5. Select Manager within User Role
  6. Populate Managed Teams and/or Managed Locations
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the manager’s profile and Save changes

Step 1 and 2 – Click People & Skills Finder from your management dashboard and search for the member you wish to assign manager rights to. 


Step 3 – Click Member to View full profile


Step 4 – Edit member


Step 5 – Select manager within the User role field


Step 6 – Populate Managed Teams and/or Managed Location fields 


Step 7 – Scroll to the bottom of the manager’s profile and click ‘Save changes’

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