Revolutionize employee experiences and boost business prosperity.

Transform your approach to people strategy with Prosper EX. Integrate Employee Engagement , Performance Management, and Employee Development into one intuitive platform, that your people will love.

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Supercharge performance, retain top
talent and drive revenue growth.

Improve Performance

Connect with your teams and give them the tools they need to drive better performance, innovation, and meaningful change across your business.

Boost retention

Measure Employee Engagement to build a Culture that will enable your people to thrive. Understand what your people need to be their best.

Enable growth

Empower your staff through ongoing development and intuitive analytics to unleash the full potential of your business.

“The way we work is changing. We chose Prosper EX as it helps us connect the dots between Employee Engagement, Performance and the development of our Teams. We need to give our people the tools they need to do their best work. The platform is easy to use and the support we get from our Customer Success Manager is second to none”

Nicky Sloan

Chief People Officer

City Venue Management

Uncover and mitigate risks with data-driven decisions.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Development Plans

Performance Management

Succession Planning

Real-time data and insights



Discover the ultimate people
success platform with Prosper EX.

Actively listen to your people, recognize the areas to improve, and drive change
at scale with our easy-to-use culture and employee engagement platform.