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Kudos FAQ


Whether you are an employee or have management rights within Prosper EX you all can send and receive Kudos!

This Kudos FAQ article shows how to send recognition from your Management and Employee dashboards and outlines how Kudos is received. 

 1. Send Kudos from Management Dashboard

2. Send Kudos from Employee Dashboard

3. How to view and delete Kudos

1. Sending Kudos from the Management Dashboard. Select ‘Kudos’ from the menu and select a badge for Kudos.


1.2 Write your personal message to the recipient for Kudos.


1.3 Link Kudos to your unique company values.


1.4 Choose your recipient(s) and Send Kudos.


Once confirmed, kudos will be sent to the recipient via sms and email. Kudos History will sit within the Employee Dashboard and the employee’s profile. To see how to view Kudos sent go to section 3.


1.5 Kudos Values and Kudos Leaderboard can be tracked within the Management Dashboard. Filter by Teams and Locations.


2. Sending Kudos from the Employee Dashboard. Scroll down to find the Kudos function on your Employee Dashboard


3. To view and delete the Kudos you have sent click on your profile name top right-hand corner and select ‘My Activity’.


To delete click the trash icon.


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