Case Study: Applejack Hospitality improve Employee Engagement by 13% with Prosper EX

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Applejack Hospitality Group is a renowned player in the Hospitality Industry, known for its innovative approach to managing a diverse portfolio of restaurants and bars in Sydney, Australia. With a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, Applejack’s leadership team understand the critical role culture and employee engagement play in achieving their business goals.

User guide: New Custom Portal Log in

This guide will show you how to sign into your custom portal, how to add your portal to your desktop favorites and how to pin the portal to your phone for easy access.

Talent Reviews: Processes, Purposes, and Benefits for HR Leaders

A talent review is a strategic process utilized by leading organizations to assess, discuss, and plan for employee development, succession planning, and improve overall workforce capability. This whitepaper delves into the nature of talent reviews, elucidates their purposes, outlines their myriad benefits, and provides a practical guide on how to effectively conduct them within your organisation. Furthermore, we will highlight relevant statistics that underscore the importance of using them within your business.

User Guide: 1-to-1 functionality

This guide shows you how a scheduled 1-to-1 flows between the manager and recipient from when it is received to conducting the 1-to-1.

Data-Backed Benefits of Automating Onboarding and Exit Surveys

In an era where technology continues to reshape the way businesses operate, HR professionals are embracing innovative solutions like Prosper EX to automate critical processes such as onboarding and exit surveys. Backed by compelling research and industry insights, the benefits of adopting are undeniable.